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ATMs and ATM Solutions

We make sure you receive the right machine for your venue.

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EFTPOS Solutions

Ensure your customers have easy access to cash in your venue.

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Cash Dispensing Technology

Accessability, Reliability and Security in your venue.

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myPOS and Retail Solutions

Top-of-the-line Point of Sale Packages

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Industry Leaders in Cash Dispensing Technology

Specialising in ATM and Cash Dispensing Technology Cashpoint supply ATMs nationally and are Australia’s largest providers of under-the-counter EFT cash dispensing solutions.

Our outstanding reputation for direct responsiveness is the result of having an in-house team to install and maintain our customers’ ATMs and associated services, such as signage and reporting. The global industry experience of our management team and our hands-on approach to customer relations are just some of the reasons for Cashpoint’s market prominence in the areas of service and accountability.

Because we understand the serious impact of any amount of ATM downtime on cash-flow and profitability for our customers, we take a proactive approach to prevention. For example, Cashpoint Payment Solutions uses remote monitoring of ATMs to anticipate and resolve problems quickly. We have a team of in-house software developers keeping pace with industry changes, along with modifications in our clients’ day to day needs. Along with service, technology and innovation are cornerstones of our business.

We offer our clients additional services with their contracts, including member-discounted-transactions, coupon and voucher printing facilities, note-breakers, cash redemption terminals and a hotline manned by ATM technicians. These are some of the advantages you can use to exceed your patrons’ expectations and keep them returning to your premises.

Why Cashpoint?


  • Exceptional in-house service
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • State of the art equipment
  • Industry leaders in R&D and Technology
  • Australian Owned and Operated
  • Friendly expert team