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“What makes Cashpoint stand out from competitors is that they pride themselves and deliver the level of service that they state they will to their customers. The professional partnership that we have built over the years has certainly allowed us to consistently recommend them to our fellow Club Managers and business partners and will continue to do so whilst the delivery is maintained. Cashpoint has always demonstrated their proficiency in every aspect of our dealings and hassle free. What we love is the fact we are able to provide quick and convenient cash to our customers in a most secure manner with a company that cares.”

Dubbo RSL Gus Lico – General Manager

“Cashpoint haven’t missed a beat when it comes to the products and service they offer. Overall we now deliver a much better gaming experience to our patrons because of the innovative solutions that Cashpoint have provided for us” We cannot fault the experience we have had in working with Cashpoint and the difference we can see with the implementation of our new Cash Redemption Terminal is huge.”

Phil Clinnick – General Manager – Helensvale Tavern

“We chose Cashpoint because they were more competitive and the fact that their support was local was a huge bonus. The machines are really nice and compact – they don’t take up a large floor space and they visually stand out in our space. What separates Cashpoint from other suppliers is that they are receptive to new ideas and improvements. Whenever we have a new request or idea Cashpoint are quick to listen and investigate possibilities. They are very flexible. The fact that we can do our own advertising on the machine is an advantage to our business. In terms of service, Cashpoint have been very easy to contact – we have direct access to Mark. Any issues have been fixed quickly with minimal downtime. We would definitely recommend anyone considering an ATM to go with cashpoint.”

Maria Koulouris – Financial Controller – Currumbin RSL

The Cashpoint ATM itself is so easy to use. Our staff can operate the machine without any trouble. We are impressed with the preventative maintenance offered and that makes a big difference to us.

Kate, Parkwood International

“We were with another company for a period of time and we were not getting the support that we needed from them. Our contract period was about to expire and it was timely that Luke had popped in and left information about Cashpoint products – as we were looking to change our supplier. What separates Cashpoint from other companies is the fact that their industry knowledge and unique compliance – especially in the clubs and pubs space makes their technology innovation stand out. Geographically, the size and location of clubs can be an issue and difficult to work around but Cashpoint have been part of the solution. The ATM’s themselves are smart and easy to use for both our patrons and our staff. In general, Customer Service is outstanding. Rarely do we have any issues “no news is good news”, if we do – it is always attended to and resolved swiftly and without issue. I would definitely recommend Cashpoint to other sites – in fact, I have already recommended them twice!”

Kylee Adams – Assistant Manager – Ettalong Memorial Bowling Club Ltd

Since being with Cashpoint for a period of six years I have found Cashpoint’s service hassle free. Anytime we’ve had a technical issue it is resolved very quickly by the outstanding helpdesk. There was one instance where our ATM needed new parts and this was fixed within 2 hours! Being in the country it is a pretty big thing to us as most of the time we have to wait days for companies to fix equipment. CASHPOINT are friendly and you actually see a face to the company.

Peter Paton, Yanco All Servicemen’s Club

CASHPOINT ATM – a customer focused customer that looks after the ‘Little Guy”

When I purchased my Newsagency 6 years ago it soon became apparent that the big companies didn’t want to know about me. I was too small to be of any influence on their bottom line. This was very apparent in the ATM industry as well.

Despite there being no ATM in the whole shopping center I could not get anyone to reply to my enquiries. That is until I responded to a fax stream from what was then CASHPOINT ATM. I had an immediate phone call from the owner of the company and in a very short period of time I had an ATM installed and operating for my local community. As both our businesses have grown and evolved CASHPOINT ATM has maintained their customer-centric approach and when there is a rare issue it is addressed very quickly to minimise any down time on the service.

I could not be happier and would recommend the company to any business (other than those in my shopping Centre).

Alan Macdonald, Macka’s Griffith Newsagency

The reliability of our Cashpoint ATM machine is great! We hardly have any problems and if there are any, the technicians are on the case. Cashpoint ATM provides friendly service and their helpdesk support is outstanding.

Jarrod Douglas, Longyard Hotel – Tamworth

We took over the Club 4 years ago and we have been with Cashpoint since then. We have never had a physical problem with the machine in the 4 years we have had it and we are extremely happy with the machine itself, if we need any technical support it is always solved over the phone. Being a member of the AHA, we were recommended another machine and prefer to stay with Cashpoint. I would tell anyone considering an ATM to go with Cashpoint.

Sandra Dart, Lemon Grove Hotel

Cashpoint’s ATM is reliable, easy to operate and it looks great! The routine preventative maintenance Cashpoint offers means we don’t ever have to worry about unexpected breakdowns or technical issues.

Max Spiller, Alexandra House

Whenever we call Cashpoint, which is very rare, we like that we can speak to the same technical support advisors, it makes dealing with Cashpoint convenient. We have 3 Cashpoint machines and they are all very reliable and convenient to operate which makes a big difference to our business. Comparing cashpoint to our previous ATM supplier and actual terminals, Cashpoint are significantly better in all aspects, hands down.

Stephen Cunningham, Mount Isa Friendly Association

Following the removal of ATM’s from Victorian Gaming venues, Anzac House (RSL Victoria) was keen to find a new provider who could deliver a practical and reliable EFTPOS solution to our members and I am very please to say that we made the right choice in partnering with Cashpoint.

Brian Cairns, ANZAC House

I chose Cashpoint because I had heard about their service, and they’ve delivered since day one. Not only did their technician show up on time the day of installation. They took the time to make sure we knew the machine from top to bottom. Anytime we have a question, their helpdesk respond right away, so we never have to wait.

Amanda Howes, BP Latrobe

We are so impressed with Cashpoint, we have decided to put another machine in our other hotel. The friendly down to earth service from installation to routine maintenance is impressive and I would certainly recommend them to our business partners.

Gavin Stark,  Ooononba Hotel