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April 11, 2016

Regain your valuable time and control your venue’s cash security with confidence by eliminating time-consuming manual counting, reducing the risk of theft and eliminate shrinkage all while streamlining cash management processes and improving staff productivity with one machine – is that even possible you ask?

Well, with cash security at the forefront of business needs for cash intensive environments such as gaming, hotels and retail, and the growing trend for integrated solutions, the Cashpoint team has developed a solution that can serve as a secure and accurate vault deposit system for your cash tills which can be directly linked to your own POS systems depending on your own provider. This new solution is called the Cashpoint Cash Manager. This machine puts an end to the time-intensive, manual process of traditional cash management by allowing operators to spend significantly less time counting money and more time focusing on other matters relating to business needs.

Cashpoint offers retailers an opportunity to overcome the challenges and expenses associated with traditional cash management. With a team of in-house software developers keeping pace with industry changes, standards and legislation, along with modifications in our clients’ day to day needs, Cashpoint continues to raise the bar when it comes to innovation and after sales support. Our service, technology and innovation are the cornerstones of our business.

The Cashpoint Cash Management Suite of products are powered by Switchlink, an intelligent remote monitoring software solution allowing you to keep track of your daily activities 24/7, with direct access to a portal accessed seamlessly via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone applications. The switch can be configured and customised to monitor each of your devices and provide secure real-time reports on the status of your devices improving your business intelligence and increasing your bottom line.

Over the years, Cashpoint has built its reputation in the market as a specialist in ATM’s under-the-counter EFT solutions in Australia by providing reliable, affordable and innovative products into the retail and gaming market.

Streamline your business operations with an affordable and complete Cash Management Solution.  Visit the Cashpoint Payment Solution’s interactive stand at the Keno AHG expo this March and experience how you can manage your entire revenue process with Cashpoint Payment Solutions.


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