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Case Study – Bathurst RSL

Case Study – Bathurst RSL

December 22, 2016


Managing the cost of handling cash is an undisputed concern for those in the retail, gaming and hospitality industry.

As an ATM customer for the past three years, Bathurst RSL were in need of a cash management solution to improve the amount of time taken by staff to handle cash, balancing, track money movements and reduce the risk associated with general cash handling.

Having done the sums, Bathurst RSL knew that there needed to be a process improvement in their cash handling in order to optimise the value of their staff and service to their customers.


The Cashpoint Cash Manager is a fast, secure and accurate cash management system for cash-intensive environments.

When asked why they chose to go with Cashpoint Payment Solutions, Mark Burns, Operations Manager at Bathurst RSL , “has seen the development and growth of the Cashpoint Cash Manager over past 24 months and could see the potential benefits that it can offer to the club”.

As a Cashpoint customer, Mark knew that our service was second to none, and the research and development that has gone into the solution to control the flow of cash throughout the business addresses multiple needs at a reasonable price point.


Since implementation of the Cashpoint Cash Manager, significant time and cost savings have been recorded.  “The machine has already paid for itself”- conservatively saving over 40 hours of staff time per week which equates to realise a minimum of $36K net savings in a year.

With the added time savings at the end of shift from using the  Cashpoint Cash Manager, Bathurst RSL have been able to revamp their previous Poker Machine Clearance procedure, which has enabled less manual handling of cassettes and this had reduced staff time and labour costs.

The cash room has also gained efficiencies – by reducing the cash risk at the cashier booth we have “eliminated counting and re-counting money”.  The new start of day cash box and vault balancing procedures has been reduced to an hour a day. The results keep coming, with end of day and balancing made easy – using a spreadsheet of information and data only which means no longer having the need to chase missing money.

These results are outstanding, and Mark is very happy with the outcome from implementation.  Bathurst RSL are happy to have other clubs come and visit, to see and look over the device and how they are using it.


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