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What are the benefits of having an ATM?

By having a Cashpoint ATM on site you are providing your customers convenient access to their cash when and where they need it – on your premises – encouraging them to spend more money within your business.

Some basic facts:

  • ATMs are the 2nd most requested service for retail stores
  • Consumers take ATM locations in to consideration when planning a purchase
  • ATM users will spend up to 20% more than a non-ATM customer
  • Store owners are seeing 20%-40% of the cash dispensed stay in their stores
  • ATMs save employee time and customer embarrassment
  • ATMs reduce EFTPOS and Credit Card fees and never accept a bad cheque…
  • Don’t lose any more customers by sending them to your competitors with an ATM!

What ongoing service and support will I receive for my ATM?

Unlike the overwhelming majority of ATM companies Cashpoint Payment Solutions have their own IN HOUSE team of qualified technicians. When you have a service question you speak to and deal directly with a Cashpoint technician, not an outsourced service company or a customer service representative on a help desk somewhere.

Cashpoint provide the following as part of all their standard placements:

  • Brand new equipment
  • 12 monthly preventative maintenance.
  • 48 hour machine replacement guarantee
  • In house qualified technicians to help with any problem you may have
  • Service hotline manned by ATM technicians 7 days a week
  • All signage and consumables
  • Daily and monthly reports
  • PERSONALISED, effective communication

All standard and free of charge.

Other ATM companies may have hidden fees and charges for what we at Cashpoint consider to be your right to expect – service and support.

How much does it cost?

Cashpoint charge you nothing.

In over 90% of cases – we pay you.

What signage can I expect?

Knowing that signage has the potential to increase overall transaction volumes and revenue for your business we ensure that you are provided with all the appropriate signage your site requires as part of our overall ATM service.

We offer a number of signage options depending on what you think would work best for you and your site – in some cases this means an A-Frame ATM Stand or an ATM flag, so that customers can easily recognize the presence of the ATM on site or in others internal signage is more necessary so that customers can easily locate the ATM on your premises.

 atmsign1   atmsign4

atmsign2    atmsign3

Where is the best place for me to put my ATM?

Your ATM should be installed in a secure part of your premises, in a well-lit, easily accessible area to ensure it is clearly visible to your customers.

Our Cashpoint technicians will work with you to determine the best place to have your ATM installed to ensure the highest possible usage and transaction volumes.

How long will it take for me to get my new ATM?

When do you need it?

As the industry leader in mobile, temporary ATM solutions for festivals, events and race days – we know how to move quickly!

At Cashpoint we manage our installation and service work in house. This means a qualified Cashpoint technician is managing the process from beginning to end.

The average Cashpoint installation time is between 2-4 weeks but we can have an ATM if required installed and operational within a week.

Do Cashpoint ATM's accept all cards?

Cashpoint ATM’s are multi card and will accept legitimate cards from all major Australian banks, and the majority of overseas banks and credit unions cards.

What do I need to provide for my ATM?

Cashpoint provides brand new equipment, training on the use of this equipment, a 7 day a week service line, full back up service for the life of your agreement (including parts), preventative maintenance every 12 months and all consumables and ATM signage.

In the majority of cases all we require from you is a power socket.

Why do I need to insure the ATM?

It is industry standard to insure your ATM. Most customers have been able to add the ATM onto their existing contents insurance policy, although this should be discussed directly with your policy provider.

Can Cashpoint ATM put cash in the ATM for me?

Yes. Cashpoint offer both a self-funded model where you supply the ATM with cash (recommended) or a fully funded approach.

Can I advertise on my ATM?

We only offer the most up to date software and hardware solutions available and all of our products come with advertising features as standard.

Using screens, video toppers and/or receipts our customers can advertise upcoming events, specials or promotions.

How do I get my CashPoint ATM?

Send us an enquiry or call 1300 286 626

Please complete so that we can respond to your enquiry with the best solution for your business.


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