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Cash dispensing technology no longer simply means a grey box in the corner that spits out money.


Cashpoint provide the largest range of payment solutions – ATMs (hyperlink to ATMs), Integrated EFT/ATM Cash Dispensing Technology (hyperlink to EFT), Cash Redemption Terminals (CRTs) (hyperlink to CRTs), Side-car note breaker and coin dispensers (hyperlink to Cash Dispensing Solutions, temporary ATM solutions (hyperlink to Temporary ATM Solutions) and more (hyperlink to additional features) to ensure that we are the one stop payment solutions provider for your venue.


Businesses like yours are beginning to realise the potential of innovative and creative technology solutions. With in-house software developers our products are often developed with direct collaboration and input from our customers. Our ability to take your ideas and equipment needs from concept to market make Cashpoint the technology partner your venue needs.

Whether to solve a problem or capture a new opportunity, use our innovation to grow and develop your business

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