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April 13, 2016

The definition of a “One Stop Shop” for all your cash processing or business needs can have a multitude of meanings. In cash intensive environments such as retail, gaming and hospitality, there is a growing trend or rather ‘need’ for integrated cash management solutions combined with cash security and staff safety. Whether you are looking for an ATM, POS, Cash Redemption Terminal, EFT Solution, Secure Cash Manager, Note Breakers or Membership Rewards, Cashpoint can customise a product or suite of products to satisfy your needs and requirements.

Cash technology has evolved from the old days whereby you had a grey box sitting in the corner dispensing cash.  With emerging technologies offering flexible facilities for managing and reporting on business functions, it is important to understand your own specific business requirements. You can then streamline your operations and gain the maximum benefit from the new innovations which are available. Saving staff time and eliminating human errors means more revenue to your business.

Cashpoint offers retailers an opportunity to overcome the challenges and expenses associated with traditional cash management. With a team of in-house software developers keeping pace with industry changes, standards and legislation, along with modifications in our clients’ day to day needs, Cashpoint continues to excel when it comes to innovation and after sales support. Our service, technology and innovation are the cornerstones of our business.

The Cashpoint Cash Management Suite of products are powered by Switchlink. This provides an intelligent remote monitoring software solution allowing you to keep track of your daily activities 24/7.You can have direct access to a portal via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone applications. The switch can be configured and customised to monitor and provide secure real-time reports on the status of your cash dispensing or cash management devices thus improving your business intelligence, enhancing efficiency which leads to an increased bottom line.

Over the years, Cashpoint has built its reputation in the market as the specialist in ATM’s and under-the-counter EFT solutions in Australia by providing reliable, affordable and innovative products into the retail and gaming market. All the Cashpoint products have been developed locally to suit the particular needs of the Australian market. and get the best sneaker bot on the market!

If you would like to find out how you can enhance your cash management processes, streamline your business operations and become more efficient please contact Cashpoint Payment Solutions on 1300 286 626 for your “one Stop Solution”

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