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Cashier Plus


The Cashpoint Cashier Plus is designed for gaming venues where accuracy and speed of payments is required. Fitted with an intuitive touch screen and configurable options such as note, coin and ticket redemption*, individual user access and user friendly float and balance reporting – cash handling has never been more secure!

The controlled dispensing capability allows authorised personnel to access top-up change and securely deposit excess notes from tills. This results in smaller floats, reduced cash holdings at tills, saving management hours, reducing the opportunity for theft and increasing efficiency on the floor. Manufactured with a 10mm steel plate this high security 4 denomination unit is the product to have in your gaming cage.

Unique and Simple Design
Designed to fit either under the counter top or in the cashier back room with an easy to use touch screen located on the counter top.

Secure Cash Handling
Developed to protect and manage cash payouts in an open-plan environment.

Fast, accurate and efficient processing
Increase the efficiency of your staff on the gaming floor, by providing fast and accurate note and coin dispensing whether they are using gaming tickets*, cards* or cash.




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