Customer Kios



Our focus is service and we won’t be out done by any other ATM provider in this area. Unlike other ATM companies, Cashpoint have our own IN HOUSE team of qualified technicians. When you have a service question you speak to and deal directly with a Cashpoint technician, not a third party, outsourced service company or a customer service representative on a help desk somewhere. With spare parts located nationally and the access to manufacturers and product knowledge that comes with being the distributor of all our products our responsiveness is beyond compare.

We provide our customers with a pro-active approach to service. With 12 monthly preventative maintenance, 48 hour machine replacement guarantee, a 7 day a week service line manned by actual Cashpoint technicians (includes public holidays), you can see why our customers enjoy more than 99% up time and a personalised feel to their ATM services.

In order to facilitate easy settlement & balancing of your ATM, as a Cashpoint customer, you will also receive reports on exactly how many transactions were done & the dollar figure the machine dispensed – EVERY DAY. Each Cashpoint customer is also provided with a unique login so you can access journals, daily and monthly reports, RCTIs and monthly rebate information whenever you need it, storing past and current information. Who hasn’t accidentally deleted an important report/email/invoice? Well now you don’t need to worry. Ask your accounts team how handy this will be around June each year…!

Don’t take our word for it – see our testimonials page!